Community Link


2 December 2016


On Friday 2nd December 2016 the Hervey Bay RSL Sub-Branch Inc. Community Link Liaison and Sub-Branch Deputy President, John Beattie, attended the Yarrilee State School where he presented the project kit to the Principal, at their yearly assembly.  The students will “adopt” one of 23 young men from the Hervey Bay/Maryborough region that fought in World War 1 and never came home. 

John said “I look forward to hearing how the students progress with their research and no doubt they will wear their chosen soldier’s name with pride during the Hervey Bay RSL Sub-Branch ANZAC Day march 2017”.

The students are very keen as they have always had a strong link with the veteran community in Hervey Bay – this is because of one of the teacher’s there (Neroli Gilmour) partner was one of the founders of the Community Link project on Bribie Island. 


John Beattie

Deputy Chair/Community Link Co-ordinator.



The Community Link badges for the students and name badges for each of the 23 Hervey Bay/Maryborough WW1 soldiers


John Beattie with students from Yarrilee State School












2017 – Up coming events
Community Link will again be involved with the Yarrilee State School visit to Canberra.
A school choir will be selected to perform at the ANZAC Day commemoration service in 2017.
All local schools will be offered memorabilia to sell a week prior to ANZAC Day 2017.



RSL COMMUNITY LINK is not a fundraising project; there are no annual fees, meetings, commitments or requests. Participants can be adults or children – it is open to anyone. RSL Community Link is a Returned and Services League National Remembrance Project dedicated to keeping alive the names, memories and deeds of departed Australian and Allied service veterans, no matter when or where they served or when they died. RSL Community Link does this by enabling people to attend RSL, school and community remembrance services as the personal representative of a departed veteran.

The representative proudly wears a VETERAN’S MEMORIAL PLAQUE, It shows the basic details of the departed veteran’s service and includes a full colour ribbon bar indicating the medals issued to the veteran. A REPRESENTATIVE LINK CARD is also worn to show the representative’s relationship to the veteran:

There is an intended and rewarding educational aspect to RSL Community Link, namely the researching of the veteran’s service details. The research process is quite simple, it can involve a variety of resources including documents held by the family, and also you can access the internet web sites of the NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE, and the DEPARTMENT OF VETERAN AFFAIRS.

The research is easy if you know where to look, so check the research tips that are attached to this introduction. If you do not have access to the internet or you have difficulties with your research, do not worry, a member of the Hervey Bay RSL Sub–Branch will be able to offer you advice, see the contact details at the bottom of this introduction.

The opportunity exists for a departed veteran to be represented by someone to whom they were not known or related. If you have a relative or friend who served in the Armed Forces, but you or your child would like to have the opportunity to participate in remembrance activities, the Hervey Bay RSL Sub–Branch will allocate the name of a deceased veteran to be represented. You then will be required to apply for a Veteran’s Memorial Plaque and a Representative Link Card.

It is quite common for more than one family member to represent the same veteran, for example several grandchildren representing the same grandparent at a remembrance ceremony and all marching on ANZAC DAY. This requires an application for multiple Veteran’s Memorial Plaques and Representative’s Link Cards. A single person cannot represent more than one veteran.

The Hervey Bay RSL Sub–Branch believes it worth while and educational and a very meaningful way for people to be involved in remembering those who served their country and have since passed away, we hope you will give it consideration.

If you have any questions please contact the Hervey Bay RSL Sub–Branch at: ( 07) 41977477, or and they will help you.