May 18



PTSDĀ Initiative

Inaugral study: A Study of the Physical Health and Genetics of PTSD

Importance of this research

“This study breaks new ground in taking a ‘whole body’ approach to understanding the impact of PTSD. GMRF researchers are not just looking at the mental health issues associated with PTSD, but also the long term impact on physical functioning including lung, heart, liver, and endocrine system function and how these may be interrelated.

In addition, researchers will look at the combination of genetic and environmental factors that may be risk factors for PTSD and its physical health consequences. This study will provide a true 360 degree review of the physical and mental health of those affected by this condition 40 years after the Vietnam War ended.

Professor David Forbes, PhD
Director – Australian Centre for Post-traumatic Mental Health, Department of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne


We aim to ultimately help alleviate not only the burden of PTSD but also those associated physical health conditions and diseases.

Click here to read more on the INITIAL RESULTS of the Vietnam veteran study.


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